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Football Fan

Age: 20

Nationality: German


About me

Since my first footsteps I have had a ball on my feet. I grew up with two elder brothers and I was used to play football during my whole childhood. When I turned 12 I joined my local u17 girls’ team. I played alongside and against much bigger and physically stronger girls. But I could compensate this with skills and cleverness. At the age of 16 I was asked to play in our senior team so I joined them one year earlier as expected. But football is more than just a game. It’s not just the joy it brings me when I’m on the pitch it gives me so much more. First of all I gain self-confidence on and off the pitch through football, I made so many important friends and every training or game I can forget everything around me at least for 90 minutes. I started realizing it even more when I lost the facility of doing this wonderful sport in 2018. I often had struggles with my knee, mostly once a year it was dislocated. In 2018 it happened during a league game again. After a lot of consultations I had to admit that the problem can’t be solved by a surgery easily. So I had to give up playing football forever. It literally broke my heart in thousand pieces and it was definitely the hardest time of my life. But I have to keep my head up. Football is still everything for me so I decided to follow my dreams and try to become a football reporter, after I’ll finish my apprenticeship next year.

Why women's football?

I support women’s football because for me it is characterized by the special relation between the players and their fans. The players give you that special feeling of appreciation and let you know how thankful they are for your support. I really get into touch with women football in 2013, when Germany won the Euros spectacularly. After that my father took me to the nearest football club that was playing in the Frauen-Bundesliga. There I got the chance to meet my heroes from the Euros and I was overwhelmed by it. The players were so kind and the whole atmosphere was so lovely. But I’ve only been into international women football since the WWC 2019. I’m now a huge Arsenal WFC fan and also support some national teams like the Swedish or the Dutch team. I’m also travelling now more and more to attend women’s games because it brings me so much joy. My first favourite female football player ever has been Lena Lotzen since the Euros 2013. And she still is. There are a lot of other female footballers I look up to but two who are definitely on the top of my list are Caroline Graham Hansen and Leah Williamson. For me personally it’s so much easier to idolize them instead of a male player because they are so down to earth.

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