Football Fan

Age: 19

Nationality: Polish


About me

Since I was a little kid I really liked to play football. My uncle showed me passion for this beautiful sport. He is the person, who gave me my first ball and took me for my first match. When I was older I played with my friends on the pitch. Football was part of my daily routine and I loved it. For now football is something what makes me happy every single day. In the close future I would like to be a coach, I hope I'm gonna be a good one.

Why women's football?

My journey with Women's Football started when I saw U20 WWC 2018 -I know, a bit late, but better late than never. That summer in 2018 gave more faith in myself. Because I thought that women don't play football. After last summer WWC I came back to this sport with more commitment, more passion. Women's football is not that much available like men's. But thanks to it I get more joy from women's games. I support with my whole heart Arsenal WFC and Poland WNT. I look up to Beth Mead, Vivianne Miedema, Mapi Leon and Pernille Harder. Not only as a players but also as humans. They represent many importany character traits like: loyality, passion, ambition and wisdom. They are a huge inspiration for me to being a better version of myself.