Football Fan

Age: 14

Nationality: English


About me

So some years back my dad suffered a heart attack. I was only 8 at the time. It was a really tough time for our family. But there was one thing that me and my dad took out of the situation. We refound our love for football, especially women's football. Whilst my dad was recovering, me and his friend used to take him to as many football matches as we could. It was then that we fell back in love with the game again. Football helped me and my dad get through the situation and I can never thank the players enough for that.That is why football means so much to me.

Why women's football?

Ever since I was little I have always looked up to football players as my role models. I think they display a lot of determination and will spirit. For me the women's players specifically. I have followed the women's game even when it wasn't professional so those footballers showed real determination of balancing jobs on the side of playing football. My Idol for when I was younger was Alex Scott, I loved the skills she displayed and her determination. I watched her lift FA cups and retire at the Emirates, truly my captain. If we are talking about more recent, my favourite player is Katrine Veje of Denmark. I think she is a quality player who is definitely underrated. For me she is more then just a player she is more of a friend and I am truly greatful for our relationship. I think what makes me so in love with women's football is the community spirit that you experience when at the games, from whether you go regularly or for the first time. The fact that we get to speak to the players after is always nice.