Barça Femení Talents: Bruna Vilamala – Episode 1

On February 1st, 2020, 17-year-old forward Bruna Vilamala got her first taste of the Estadi Johan Cruyff when she debuted against Sevilla for FCB Femení's senior team. Seeing a La Masia graduate debuting for the first team has always been a proud and special moment for Barca fans, especially in such a poetic way of entering the pitch for an icon like Lieke Martens. When watching her matches with the B team, there are clear glimpses of her talent and potential. Bruna knows has what it means to play the Barcelona way with the Barcelona DNA. Recovering From Injury: The young debutant is an integral part of the FC Barcelona Femení B squad who ended third-place in this year's Segunda Division. In

Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs: A Timeline of FC Barcelona Femení

Anyone in the world who considers themselves a football fan should be more than familiar with the name FC Barcelona. They're one of the most successful, well-known clubs on the planet, with a rich history, values that run deep, and a period of dominance that has lasted for decades. This recognition only goes so far though, because to casual fans and even some diehard cules, there isn't much known about the club beyond their men's senior team. If someone was asked about the women's section- FC Barcelona Femení- there would likely be some hesitation. Though still largely unknown in the greater context of football, FC Barcelona Femení has made a name for itself in the past few years by making r

Melanie Serrano - FCB Femeni's Most Devoted Legend

Melanie Serrano, the rock figure of Barça Femení, completed her sixteenth season at the club this past month. Easing into her thirties and seasoned with an untouchable 448 appearances, the defender continues writing more golden pages in the history of Barça Femení. Melanie is a fighter who has fought with tooth and nail to make the women's section of FC Barcelona heard loud with a 'roar'. Are there any female footballers who have remained loyal for sixteen years to the club where they started their career? If we consider men's football, there are plenty of players like Lionel Messi, Steven Gerrard, and Ryan Giggs who have that type of loyalty. Unfortunately, devotion to one club in women's f

Claudia Pina - The Rising Superstar of Barca Femeni

At the beginning I want to mention that if I'm being honest, writing an article about such a young player is a bit of a challenge for me. My previous articles are about players already experienced on the pitch, about players who have already won quite a lot of titles in their career. Meanwhile, Claudia Pina doesn't have a lush football career (yet), hence writing about her may be a bit more difficult. Nevertheless, she is already a player who shows great maturity and experience on the pitch. This may sound a bit paradoxical because she is only 18 years old, but her playing on the pitch is dripping with maturity. Claudia Pina is a great young talent of Spanish football and I think that many p