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Barcelona Femeni - The Spanish Iberdrola Champions 2019/20.

FC Barcelona Femení will be crowned league champions this Friday. The women’s league will not be restarted this season, meaning the Spanish federation has taken their decisions about promotions, relegations, championships, and European competitions.

The Real Spanish Federation of Football (RFEF) has finalized the Primera Iberdrola 2019-20, with the FC Barcelona the champions and the league without relegations.

What was rumored for the last few days has been made official by Spanish Federation. The Real Spanish Federation of Football (RFEF) has made it official by concluding the First Iberdrola with the FC Barcelona as champions. The semifinals and final of the Queen Cup will be played before the start of the next season.

By this official statement from RFEF, the players of Lluís Cortés can breathe relieved after a long wait. Perhaps they are disappointed by the fact of not been able to certify the title at the sporting level on the pitch. It is what it is, the trophy will be added to the list of winners of the FC Barcelona, being the leader of the First Iberdrola with nine points advantage over Atletico in the moment of the suspension. Barcelona along with Rojiblancas will have a European place for the next season of UWCL 2020-21.

The two teams continue to be alive in the present edition of the UEFA Women's Champions League, where they will face-off each other in the Quarter-finals. This remains the sole decision of the UEFA since it is possible that finally, the tournament can restart.

Since it began the State of Alarm in Spain, the players of Lluís Cortés have followed strictly the obligations of the confinement. With the suspension of the First Iberdrola 2019-20, it will be necessary to see which plans of the training program the players will follow to the next few months since the Champions League likely to restart in August.

And to conclude this is Barcelona women’s first league crown since 2015, and their fifth overall.



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